Pastor Rett’s Message

A Message From Pastor Rett

Dear St. John’s,

It has been my great pleasure to serve as the associate pastor of St. John’s for the past nine years. You all have helped me learn how to be a pastor in so many significant ways. I came here straight from seminary. I never imagined in those early years that I would get to stay among you for this long.

So, it is with the strange mixture of grief and excitement that all new chapters and ventures bring that I write to let you know that my last Sunday as your associate pastor will be June 23rd, 2019. On June 30th I will begin my new appointment. That appointment, which will be tentative until it is fixed at annual conference by Bishop Holston, is as the pastor of Grace UMC in Columbia.

I will always be grateful for the ways you all have loved me and my family, for the ways you have included us in your lives, and for the ways you have helped us all to know the love of God and to have a stronger faith.

As it is with United Methodist pastors, when I leave a new associate pastor will be appointed. The new associate pastor’s name is Ryan Powell. He is married with two children. And will be coming to St. John’s after having served in Chesterfield county at Zoar UMC. I know that you will love Pastor Ryan and his family in the same tangible ways you have loved us. I also feel confident that you will follow his lead into the ministries for which he is responsible as your associate pastor.

I feel certain that you all will continue to be the church that I have grown to love so much. I know that you will love one another, love your neighbors as yourselves, and love God with everything you have. You are an amazing witness to the power of Christ’s Holy Spirit in the world and in Rock Hill. Lean into that Spirit and allow it to guide your every step.

In the Grace and Peace of God,

Pastor Rett