Children & Youth

Children's Ministries

St. John’s has a vibrant children's ministry on both Sundays and weekdays. The scriptures teach us that children are a gift from God, wonderful and precious, and are to be guarded and guided carefully. We take this to heart at St. John's. Our Children & Youth Building is state-of-the-art and allows many opportunities for learning, engagement, and service. Our children's staff and many of our volunteers are Pediatric CPR/First Aid Certified. We also honor Safe Sanctuary policies.

We're proud to have achieved recognition as a Church for All God's Children. Congregations who have been recognized by this program have undertaken specific actions to make their churches more responsive to the needs of children and their families in both the church and community. We've worked to transform our congregation into a more child-friendly place, one that welcomes and stands with "the least of these."

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Quest Youth Ministries

St. John's has a very active youth program. From Sunday School classes to basketball leagues, we provide opportunities for middle and high school students to grow in faith through fellowship and study.

The majority of our youth programming takes place through our Quest Youth Ministry. Quest is committed to being faithful to God and to the church by our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness. We resolve to worship God without hesitation. We strive to reach our community through evangelism, especially to our friends, family, and neighbors who do not know Christ. We are also committed to being patient with each other as we know God is patient with us as we walk with Christ.

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